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Clothing Animation Help Needed!

Hi all!


Maya 2011 x64


I’m trying to set up a system where I have 1 biped base body model/rig with a bunch of different clothing options/models. The 2 options that I know of for accomplishing this are:
1. ncloth
2. binding each clothing item to the character rig


I’d rather do 1 if at all possible, but I’m coming across a lot of problems. For example, I can get the cloth to hang from the body, but I can’t get it to move with the body (although some of the verts move around a TINY bit and get spiky). I can also pin certain verts to a point in the world, but I don’t know how to pin them to specific areas of the character’s body.

I’m also having a LOT of trouble finding any tutorials on this. I can find “cloth dropping onto a box/sphere” tutorials and “cloth blowing in the wind” tutorials, but that’s about it, and neither are entirely helpful in this case.


So here are my questions:

1. Are there any ways to create this character + multiple outfits setup other than the 2 that I’ve listed?
2. Does anyone know any good tutorials for rigging clothing to follow a character’s movement (through any method)?
3. I know that the ncloth issues that I mentioned are a bit vague, but do you have any thoughts on those?

Thank you so much! user added image

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I think if you create each different outfit in its own layer then only show one at a time that should work, I dont think binding ncloth to a mesh is a good idea try point to surface to pin some parts of the cloth but try treating ncloth as a cloth meterial and make the body mesh a pasive collider.............dave

Edit:Sorry I do not know of any good tutorials

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