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Final Gather won't render in, gather

I'm going through my lighting class tutorial and doing a very basic lighting with sun and sky in a boolianed room.

The problem is two fold. 1, my map won't visualize at all. So there's that, and that seems to be a hotfix 4 issue from what I've read on the internets.

But 2, and what is worse, is that when I commit my first final gather render of this (and we're talking a sphere in a boxed room with one light -sun and sky- and one window and camera-with no other detail here) in order to start working with the light levels, it will give me what appears to be the proper final gather "watercolor" render in progress in my render view, go through both passes to the very end...still fine, but then Poof! As soon as the render completes, it reverts back to (the render) my pre-final gather render using just global illumination-as if the final gather had not applied at all-though everything should be working.

Ive run this a few times now to the same result. Could this be a graphics card issue?


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amm.. this is not a graphics card error.. graphics card error mostly deals with real time render in viewport. and as far as FG and GI is concern i don't know how you have applied the GI. did you check mark emit photons option in light attribute editor? cos GI will only render on photon emission. your problem will sort out ,just first tell me are you using MR physical sun and sky or you have applied direct lights ?

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Using only sun and sky right now. No other lights. I'm pretty sure I switched on the emit photons , but will have to go home and double check to be sure. I'll post again on Monday. Thanks for the help.

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