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Cartoon Shoe, I Need To Thicken?

Hello Guys-

Here's my cartoon Shoe a work in progress. I've searched around for a Thicken tool to ramp up the volume of this shoe.

Or I am forced to create a ridge and curl inwards. Where do I find a thicken tool in Maya
to add volume in-wards to this shoe.

Is this feature named something else here in Maya?

Thanks in Advance!user added image

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Like everything else in Maya, there are several ways to do it (there's no ONE exact analogous tool, although some come close, I would expect). You can select the whole object and extrude it along the local z axis (although that doesn't give a perfect evenness all around).

In later versions of Maya (don't know what has it first) the extrude tool actually has a thickness option, that's your best bet if you have it.

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I will give it a go.


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Yes stwert the later versions have it.....extrude and z axis or click on on of the axis boxes before you exit the extrude tool and you can use the origin axis to do a scale in. As stwert said though, on complex geo it comes out all over the place...or not on a correct offset in my lingo

cheers bullet


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