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Selecting only visible vertex, edges or faces

Hi all,

In some other 3D modeling software there is a function that you can choose when you want to select more than one vertex, edges or faces dragging a rectangle to select. Within this function you can select if you just only want to select what you see, per example only the vertices in front on you and not those on the rear side of the model (and all other through the model).

Is there a same function in Maya or maybe a plug-in doing that?


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You can use' backface culling' its under Display> Polygon (less clumsy if you assign a hotkey) or you can open the tool settings for any transformation tool (select, move, scale etc) and check 'camera based selection'.

- Genny
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You are my hero again! This will help me a lot. Now I have another issue that I do not understand, but I will open a new thread.

Thank you so much Genny, your help is much appreciated.

KR; Lecra

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