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Camera Based Selection ona shortcut

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there is a possibility to put the 'Camera Based Selection' function on a shortcut or Icon on a shelf. I was searching for that but I have not found something's in the air user added image

Attached you will find an image showing what I mean. This command to not select faces in the background of the object.

Thank you in advance for an answer.

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int $status = `selectPref -q -useDepth`; 

selectPref -useDepth (!$status); 

if ((!$status) == 0)
    print("Camera based selection is off.\n");
    print("Camera based selection is on.\n");
This will toggle it on and off. It will also print out whether it's now on or off.

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Hold 'q' and the LMB and you will get a marking menu where you can access this. Very easy.

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@NextDesign & Stwert

Hey guy's! These are fantastic tips you gave me! Would try both and then choose m< preferred.

Many thanks for your help. Much appreciated!

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