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Feather Rig on Skinned Mesh

Hey guys,

I've a big problem. Where shoukd I start? Well, I've made a Griffen Model (without wings, my question is just about the body-feathers) and I'skinned the model and all that and it's working fine.
Now theres my problem I want to create some feather on top of the geometry.
I know, I could just skin the feathers to the same skelleton but I want to have more control over them.
The feathers should get some secondary movement like gravity or should be animatable so that the Griffen could puff up or something like that. Is there a easy way, to not set thousands of joints? user added image I really hope you could understand my problem (i'm german user added image ) and that you can help me. And I don't need control over every single feather, just some 'Control-Feathers'. Btw, I'm using Maya 2011.



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You could use ncloth and map the feathers with alpha's, sorry can not help you with being Germanuser added image............dave

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thanks for your answer. I dont think if that method really works out for my siuation. I just found a plugin called 'DodoMaster' but you need to create NURBS objects to drive the feathers an it's just really slow on my machine... anyone knows other way or a other plug in? otherwise i have to bite the bullet.

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