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camera not showing spotlight decay


I've created a new camera in a scene. Pressing 7 gives me the 'all light' display just fine, but when I switch on the decay of a spotlight it stops showing the effect of that light. The persp view continues to show the interactive lighting ok. A new light acts just the same, so I'm assuming the fault lies in the camera..



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Maybe it's a bit obvious but have you reset the camera's properties?

Or delete transformation history and duplicate the object. That is a trick that works for me a lot if an object/camera is acting screwy

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I think the problem was (is) my scale (units). It's sometihng I've never considered, and I've noticed my values were getting so small i.e - 0.001 clipping plane.. I think I've being trying to light a scene that's millimetres across!!

I'm in the process of scaling up now and will report back. Already the views in various cameras seems more consistent.

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