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moving objects in Maya problems

I have used Maya 2012 for a long time with no problem, but recently I was having issues selecting objects. I decided to switch over to 2013 because my school was using it and it is a bit of a pain to import a 2013 file into 2012.

But now I have been having problems selecting and moving objects in 2013, and I can not seem to find out what the issue is.

System Info:
Win 7 64bit
AMD FX 8320 Eight-Core Processor 3.5GHz
32GB Ram
DirectX 11
ASUS HD7750 w/updated driver

So what I am getting is this...

I can select an object individually, and with CTRL+LMB.

I can not drag select a group of objects.

I press "W" to bring up the Move Tool but when I got to click on the Red/Blue/Green manipulator arrow, I can't and the object becomes unselected. This happens for the other tools that act like this one does. I can move the object around by selecting the appropate input in the Attribute Editor and MMB sliding. I can also move it by MMB and moving it in all directions.

I have deleted all my prefs, and the main Maya folder in My Documents. I have resetted all my tools. I have uninstalled Maya 2013. I have Installed Maya 2013 w/Serice Pack 2.

The problem still pops up.

On a side note I can still move the view around in Perspective Mode and I can still render images. So I am kinda sure it is not my video card.

Any insight would be helpful.

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Also I just come to find out that I can not select any Rigging Controls.

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Im not to sure that this is not your graphics card with maya 2013, I would check the net to see if some one else is using your card and having problems with maya............dave

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Seen some funky things before but never this.

Why are you having problems importing 2013 to 2012 - Just Use the options in open menu to "ignore version"

Hope you find some help

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