Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
Get halfway through a model and find it's an unworkable mess? Can't add edge loops where you need them? Can't subdivide a mesh properly? If any of this sounds familiar check this course out.
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Simple Extract Help

Started modeling this little guy, then when I want to extract half of his body Maya 2014 deletes it or makes him invisible....

Maya 2014 Extract bug ? - YouTube

Tested with Maya 2013 and no issues at all...

maya2013 extract - YouTube

How can I fix this or am I too rusty ... ? I uncheck and check Keep faces together and still the problem is there with Maya 2014. Any help is welcome. Thank you.

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I see the pivot is still there after the object becomes invisible. I had an issue in 2013 which occured in certain actions. It was deleting the material applied on the object. maybe its that... did you try selecting where the invisible object is... or turn on the wireframe on to see if theres still something there. deleting history freeze and reset transformations solves some issues too. or maybe export your model and import in another scene...

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