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Deleting an Attribute in the Attribute Editor

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in the previous versions of maya, when there is a node that i don't want in an object, i just go to the attribute editor, click the tab of the attribute that i wanted to delete, click on the select button below then press delete or backspace in the keyboard. but in maya 2013 it does not work anymore!!! (well at least for the boolean operation.) does anyone know a new workaround in maya 2013 for deleting attributes? because that feature is really important to me when modeling.

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Do you mean an attribute or a node? Because those are quite different things. There are a couple ways you can delete the node (probably more that I'm not aware of). If you go to the tab in the AE, you can copy and paste the exact name into the select by name box, then hit delete. Or you can open the node editor, graph the connections, and delete the node that way.

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Another frustrating problem I've encountered in Maya 2013 is trying to delete an custom attribute in the AE and it won't delete (even after right clicking and selecting DELETE ATTRIBUTE).
A simple way to solve this problem is to just click LOAD ATTRIBUTES, and sometimes when that doesn't work (ugh Maya, ugh..) click COPY TAB and then everything should be refreshed, so right clicking and selecting DELETE ATTRIBUTE will work fine.


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