Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
Get halfway through a model and find it's an unworkable mess? Can't add edge loops where you need them? Can't subdivide a mesh properly? If any of this sounds familiar check this course out.
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Particle instancing not working (Realistic outdoors)

Finding this new tutorial really interesting so far; I focus mainly on (very basic) non-organic modelling, so finding it refreshing having a look at paint effects (which have given me headaches before) and organic modelling.

I am just having some difficulties with particle instancing using the first grass example. I can select the particles after running the emitter for a few hundred frames, but then selecting "Instancer (replacement)" has no effect; the particles do not then emit further particles. If I continue and try and add the grass mesh as the object to be instanced, this also has no effect.

I've created a blank scene and instanced a bunch of polycubes using the same technique (emitting from a plane), which worked fine.

Any ideas why I can't seem to get particle instancing working in this one scene?


Update: actually, I've just exported a grass mesh into a new scene, and the instancing now works.

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Glad you sorted it out if you use something from the tutorial in one of your own scenes i'd love to see it.

All the best
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