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Particle instancing of dynamic object?

Greetings People!

Hope someone could guide me in the right direction here.

For example, i have a scene with many tailed objects flying around. (tail is rigged using dynamic hair)

I would like to use particle instancing to instance the tailed object with the dynamic hair.

Would appreciate any suggestions or workaround to this!


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Off the top of my head you could use duplicate special and select instances...........dave

Edit:that might work not done it myself

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thanks dave, but i'm afraid i was clear eariler.

the reason i would like to use particle instancing of the tailed object rigged with dynamic hair system,

is so i can have control over the animation of the particles, hence control over the bunch of tailed objects
(e.g a bunch of tailed kites flying in unison)

maya particle instancing only works with a static mesh, or a sequential mesh.

not a mesh rigged with dynamics?

tail object rigged with dynamic hair -> particle instance the tail = possible? or workarounds?

thanks in advance!

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