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Issue on applying extrude to a curve with a NURB circle as reference

Hello SimplyMaya community, I just registered as I very recently gotten into Maya and I'm still learning the ropes as I'm following basic tutorials to get myself started. However I ran into some trouble and I've been unsuccessful in finding a solution on the web, probably due to my lack of knowledge and how I specified the issue on my search, as such I'm resorting to you more experienced folks, please take care of me. user added image

Now on the problem:

I created a curve using the CV Curve tool then tried to apply extrude (surface) on the curve by previously selecting a NURB circle so I could hopefully apply geometry to that curve using the circle as a reference (correct me on that if necessary), however the opposite happened, even though I had shift-selected NURB circle > Curve, the curve was applied to the circle and generated itself into a random curve with geometry.

In a long shot, I tried to access the Outliner window in order to see if there was some priority issue but alas I couldn't understand if that was the case.

So that's my current problem, unfortunately I'm not able to advance into my tutorial until I manage to get this sorted, I hope any of you will be able to lend me a hand on this, thank you! user added image

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Thanks to another thread in this forum I was able to solve the issue, thank you! user added image

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