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Human IK - floor contact doesn't work with certain meshes? WHY?


Anyone has a deeper understanding of Human IK floor contact option?

I am trying to make a guy standing in a small rowing boat, and I want to add reality by moving the boat ever so slightly, making it less static (as if there were waves) This makes a real standing person a bit unbalanced etc. and that's what I want to achieve.

I am trying to use HIK - Floor contact:
It seems to work with a simple plane, cube etc. - but the very same character just doesn't react with the boat.
Is there a specific requirement for the mesh or why do you think it doesn't work properly?

I added the proper connection between boat and HIK Effector through the Connection editor.
I did the same way as described in this tutorial:

2) If fI cannot solve the 1st issue than I may try to "fake" the boat floor contact by adding an extra plane, as simple plane seems to work. In this 2nd case my question is: Can you make a mesh active but invisible at the same time? So I can use it as a fake floor contact, yet it doesn't show up in render or even in viewport? If that is possible, how?

Thank you for any extra info in advance!

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I think I have answer for the 2nd option, but not the 1st.

I noticed if I turn "visibility" of the mesh to OFF, it still behaves as floor contact object, it doesn't stop being active. Great!

But I still have question 1: WHY certain mesh doesn't work properly with HIK floor contact?


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