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Lambert shader glow is weaker in a referenced object!

Hi everyone,
I am animating a character with a lightbulb as it's head. I built and rigged the character in a separate scene and loaded it into the new scene as a reference. In the original scene of the character, the glow inside the lightbulb is very strong and you can always see it, no matter how far away from the object you are. But in the scene were the character is just a reference, the glow is very weak and you can only see it as long as the camera is right in front of the lightbulb. As soon as the camera is a bit further away, the glow just disappears.
I tried parenting a normal light to the head but that is even worse because it never even shows any kind of effect, as a reference, no matter how close i get.
Is there anything i have to change in the render settings? Or is it something else?
Thanks in advance!

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Glow behaves kinda weirdly and uses an automatic exposure to compensate, I believe.
This makes it hard to control and you have to adjust it globally. I might recommend using another method to achieve glow, such as incandescence and final gather or something. I'm not a lighting expert though. Gen probably would have some good ideas.

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It does sound like an auto exposure issue, though, I can't really tell without looking at the scene. Glow in Maya can be a little clumsy(one reason I don't use it), consider using a self illuminating shader that outputs to an incandescent pass so you can use that with a glow effect in post.

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thanks for your help! I didn't really get it working the way I wanted it to but I managed to work my way around the problem and actually got a better looking result now! user added image
Thank you again!

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