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# 1 02-07-2015 , 09:43 AM
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light intensity slider


I occasionally find after trying out different decays etc. that the intensity slider of a light becomes ridiculously impractical - usually after cranking up the slider numerically to 1000 or more; if afterwards I remove the decay and need to go back down to a low intensity value, the slider is still operating on a scale of 0-1000 which means I have virtually no control down in the 0-10 range.

In mudbox you can double click the slider to fit the range of moment to the value you have set (so if you set a numerical value of 3, double-clicking the slider will give you a range of 0-3, and so fine control)

any way in maya 2016 to do this?



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There's probably another more elegant way but I've always just taken it down to a value of 0 then do a selection change real quick. The slider is redrawn to use the original range.

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ah, well that does work I guess.. kinda user added image gets me back into the right ball park anyway



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