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Best uv layout software

I find the built in UV editor to be horribly time consuming even on rigid, blocky type stuff. I have UV layout by Headus somewhere, but I only used it a little bit while following a Maya tutorial.
If I remember there was at least one other stand-alone software for this, too. But which is best? And which is best supported in terms of tutorial videos and such?
If I have to UV map anything else using the Maya editor, I'm going to turn into a deranged, cackling super-villain and fry everybody with the giant laser in my hollow mountain hideout.
(It's just a NAME. I don't actually HIDE there. I have a giant laser! I don't NEED to hide!. Duh!)

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So far I haven't found anything better then UVLayout. I actually just bought the pro version because as a noob as well, the software actually helps you learn where to make effective UV cuts; which is the hardest bit of tacit knowledge to acquire. I have tried the new bonus 3d unwrap in Maya and it assumes you know all of this. Also, if going with UVLayout be sure to check out the videos in the advanced section relating to Segments. This software is packed full of hidden powerful stuff!

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