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Nurbs (Curves?) and Birail 2 problem!!


I'm learning maya in college right now and i'm having a problem with a project at the moment.

I basically must use curves ( or nurbs I don't even know anymore ) to buid this completely. I have to build this thing:
and i'm at the part of Birail 2 , this here:
Also, i'm sorry the tutorial are in french but following the images should be enough to understand my problem I think.

So far, I can do the Birail 2 on 1/4 of my cylinder form however I can't Birail 2 on the second 1/4.

It's basically birailing on the other 3 quarters but not the quarter that I want.
Please help!!!user added image
I've been learning to use polygons and I actually got very comfortable with it but suddently my teachers told us to forget everything about polygons and learn nurbs instead. I'm about to pull my hair out. user added image

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Im no nurbs expert but it does look like the top half surface is facing in the wrong direction, try selecting those and change the surface direction..................dave

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