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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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Using Birail 2

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But nobody knows the Birail2 comand???

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did you read the instructions on how to use birail?

i doubt you will get the results you want with birail2 and those curves.

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Thanks for answer!
I select the curves green and white, and then i select the middle and right curves.
I think surface will create follow the middle and the right curves, starting from the green curve

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Hello iJIM,

You are on the right track but to get the result I believe you want you would need to do a birail+2 operation and two boundry operations at the front and back of the seat. Then rebuild the three surfaces, convert to polygons and combine them.

I will record a video for you to demonstrate the process, which is probably more complex then just starting with a nurbs sphere and sculpting the seat, but I cannot resist an opportunity to demonstrate Maya's nurbs tools. Although antiquated and in serious need of some developer love they can still be very helpful if you can deal with their many quirks (smile).

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Hey thank you so much !!!! I'm italian and my english is very bad but i understand perfectly what i have to do for my saddle.
Thank you again

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