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Mental ray - Materials not visible in render but viewport

Hey guys I hope you can help me out here.

I modelled a toilet, then applied the blinn material to the base and also gave that cap a material (also blinn) with another color.

Now I want to render the image, select mental ray as renderer and the problem becomes visible. The Toilet_base part has not the dark tone I set up in the hypershade. The toilet_cap renders just fine.

My questions:

What are the possible reasons?
Is it a geometry related issue?
Is mental ray fine with smoothed models?


What can I do generally to avoid that?

I recently tried to render other objects too with mental ray and often I have noticed that the materials are not showing up in the render image, but in the viewport. (Sometimes with flickering or green faces)

Sigh... thanks in advance.

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Can you show some screenshots? It will be easier to identify the problem.
Did you try to work with mental ray mia materials instead of blinn?
Mental ray is normally working very fine with smoothed objects. I have never faced an issue like this. Recheck the also properties of your blinn.

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Hey thanks, but i found the error. It was a scene related issue.
I did the following: I exported the model as scene: same problem
I exported the model as fbx and loaded it into a new scene: problem solved

Im wondering still.. How can i fix such scene related issues? Is exporting stuff out and such a common workstep generally?

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Strange thing this is. Observe it further you should.
May the Maya-force be with you ;-)

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