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# 1 22-03-2016 , 07:52 PM
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Question about bad geo.

Hey guys. I'm in need of some help on a project. Part of the project involves a pipe being built up (want to use a ramp to sweet across the surface of the pipe to drive opacity so it fades in).

The problem is that the geo is a dense CAD import (photo below)-
user added image

I've tried deleting the shell, optimizing the mesh, by hand unwrapping it, the doing a negative extrude back on the shell.. but that created some bad geo as it doesn't render correctly and shows up black in the viewport. I've attached the bad geo as a .MB (maya 2016) and a .FBX

So on one hand, I have bad geo that isn't rendable, but has the correct UV coordinates to sweep the ramp across it.. and on the other hand, I have renderable geo without any UV coordinates. Could really, really use a hand.

I've also attempted to project a ramp on the tube and having the cylinder projection gizmo follow a path. That didn't work out though.

Thank you for any advice! Best case scenario is I can figure out why that geo is bad and fix it so it renders properly.

weTransfer DL link to the FBX if you are willing to take a peak at it-

Many thanks.

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UPDATE: I had a friend import the .FBX inside of 3ds and do the ol' box trick to it... It worked a charm.

I tried doing that inside of Maya (making a box, combining the box to the bad geo, deleting the box), but it did not work. Still don't really understand what's going on here, but the immediate issue at hand is resolved. If any of you have extra time and still want to take a look at the .FBX I'd be curious to know what is so wrong with the mesh just in case this happens again.

Many thanks,

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