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# 1 13-06-2003 , 03:37 AM
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3DS import Cant Assign Textures

When i import some 3ds meshes in2 maya & try 2 assign textures
i cant, the mesh seems 2 become transparent (hardware Texture is on),I can assign a colour but no texture,This only happens with sum meshes... Any help Please... Thanks:bgreen:

# 2 13-06-2003 , 04:15 AM
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Check the normals of your faces.
If need, reverse them.

Hope this helps.

# 3 13-06-2003 , 07:12 AM
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and check your UV's aswell

Carsten Lind
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# 4 13-06-2003 , 08:44 AM
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Thanks 4 ur replys guys.. but if i used maya 4 20years i'd still be a newbie,So im not 2 sure what ur talking about... So
I went in2 the Relationship Editor,& created a UV set
This seems 2 work fine now
Please let me know if this was not what u meant, a little step by step buide would help Thanks

# 5 17-06-2003 , 04:09 AM
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If there wasn't any UV's saved with the 3ds exported model, then the model will not have a shader assigned to it when you import it into Maya. You can assign a UV set either by automatic mapping or any other type of mapping you choose. You can later create a better UV layout when you need to. Once the model has a UV set, you can assign any shader you want.

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