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In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
# 1 19-01-2007 , 08:23 PM
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Anime Character


user added image

Finally completed it, absolutely amazing tutorial one of the best ive ever gone through. I learnt so much.. Thank you Kurt Boutilier for spending the time to do it!

# 2 20-01-2007 , 04:57 PM
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Looks really good mate! Haven't seen this tutorial but I know Kurt's teachings are pretty amazing.

Just a suggestion though - crop your images! You're using double the width you actually need there user added image

# 3 20-01-2007 , 05:46 PM
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Nice going mate, looks cool!

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# 4 20-01-2007 , 05:58 PM
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i like it except for the eyes they look a little too big like they just got slammed in there...

cool model and good work none the less user added image

# 5 20-01-2007 , 10:57 PM
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if you do a simple rig this character it will really come to live.. believe me. just a simple pose is all you need. great work. user added image

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# 6 21-01-2007 , 10:08 AM
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anime character looks great! ...

are the knees caps ment to be that blocky?

# 7 21-01-2007 , 11:40 AM
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Thanks all, To answer some of your questions:

I prefer big knee caps on male characters, in his tutorial his weren't as big but i like mine as they are as they give good shading definition.

I might pose him later on.. although Im already working on my own character from what Ive learnt in this tutorial.

# 8 22-01-2007 , 07:06 AM
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cool! i want to try

# 9 22-01-2007 , 08:08 AM
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very cool image ! great modeling and texturing dude !

# 10 22-01-2007 , 09:38 AM
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Real Nice.. I’m about Halfway done with the same tutorial.. been kinda slow cuz I am taking Classes at Gnomon as well. Thanks for the Inspiration to finish mine.

# 11 28-09-2021 , 07:55 AM
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