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# 1 27-10-2003 , 07:14 PM
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trax editor and referenced characters

Ok here's the problem: When I want to create a clip in the trax editor and transfer the animation to another character with the same attributes in their character set it'll work fine. The problem arises when I am using referenced characters and the annoying prefixes that get attached to them when bringing them into the scene. It would appear that the clips will no longer transfer the animation because the attributes in the character set now have different names (IE with prefixes). If I turn on the "name set" option it still doesn't work even though the Maya documentation says that name sets will not affect anything in anyway within Maya. I contend that that is a lie. Anyway, if anyone understands my problem and hopefully has a solution, please let me know.



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i usually goup the main node then make the clip, so when i load the other character they will be having the same heirarchy name. in case of referenced object i have not tried it yet but i am confident that it would work.

hope this helps

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