Integrating 3D models with photography
Interested in integrating your 3D work with the real world? This might help
# 1 25-11-2003 , 08:21 PM
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OK here goes newbie question

I have just gotten Maya 4.5 all i could afford at moment.
I am trying to work with avi and motion picture work.
My question is this, I wish to have an image plane be of not an image but of an actual avi so that i can then create a video scene over it incorporating the two scenes is this possible?
I know in true space it will allow me to have an avi running as the background whil i creat an animation over it. I just think maya is 100 times the program for 3d than true space hence the question.
Thanks in advance.

I hope at some point to get involved with the competitions and interaction with the group so any help on how Id appreciate
again still learning Maya here

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yeah you can but I've never managed to get it working. You can simply apply the avi as a movie texture in the hypershade an d then apply it to a poly or nurbs plane.

That's probably the easiest way to do it.


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# 3 27-11-2003 , 07:46 PM
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Raunch, can you clarify if you're trying to make an animated texture or if you're trying to bring in source video footage for reference to build a scene? For example, if you're modeling a tv, you can map an animated texture to the screen as pure_morning suggested.

On the other hand, if you're trying to bring in reference footage to build your models to, you would more-than-likely use Maya live (if you have 4.5 unlimited) or other matchmoving software.

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I got it to work with help of Mike McKinley's tutorial thanks all

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Maya Live will be the best procedure

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