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# 1 03-01-2004 , 02:29 AM
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PaintFX, particle, fluid and light fog problem.

Please help:

I try to make the nature scene with PaitFX grass and trees with a particle (or fluid) "fog". But when I render the scene all PainFX objects on the “top” of the "fog". Also similar problem with Light Fog, it doesn’t work properly.

I try to “play” with zbuffer. But possible I do something wrong.
Also try to use rendering passes, again nothing.


# 2 03-01-2004 , 04:42 AM
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Well, By nature, we all know that PFX is a post-process.
By that, I mean that the Maya sw renderer renders the strokes AFTER everything else, AND over-top the image.

AND THAT SUCKS! ...on so many levels! hehe...

I remember a compositing tutorial on the Alias site that dealt with this, but due to thier redesign, it is not back up yet.

If you have Maya 5, you can convert your PaintFX to polys, and it should work just fine.

If not, then compositing using a z depth pass is required to pull this off.

Anyone else have any other tips?

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# 3 04-01-2004 , 10:22 AM
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Rage is right, I think the only thing you can do ( if you can :p ) is to convert the paint into poly's. Perhaps there are some options under Rendering Globals about paint effects that you can change.. I'll look into it this evening. user added image

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