Rocket Square aka Erik Lehmann who’s a senior modeler at Scanline VFX has released an extensive update to Build Kit, the Compact Python tool that streamlines 3D modeling and scene layout operations in Maya. It introduces new workflows for curves and instances and adds new tools like Extruder which converts curves to cables, ropes, and pipes. There’s also the handy option to snap the origin of a curve to a surface in Maya and use the Radial duplicator tool to create circular arrays.

Build Kit 2.0 is available for Maya 2019 and up on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Pricing starts at $30 for a single license and it can be had on Gumroad. You can also download other tools for enhanced Maya workflows on Rocket Square’s site.

Updated features in Build Kit 2.0:

New Radial Duplicator

Updated Quad Fill: Now only requires a single edge input

New Instance support (for Mirror, Place, Paint, Duplicator, Snap, Radial)

New Convert Instances

Updated Advanced Separate: supports maintaining object orientation

Updated Mirror: Supports Merge, Instance, Flip UVs

New Merge Border Vertices

Updated Modify Pivot: Switched to Min / Max style to reach object’s center and corner points

Updated 45 Angle: Only requires a single edge input when the border loop is not filled

New Transform Randomizer

New Lock and Unlock nodes

Updated Select by Topology: Added Stray Vertices, Hard Edges, Overlap, and Check All

Updated Select by Percentage: Now works with components

Updated Select by Name: Supports wildcards

Updated Select by Type and Status: Easily find Locked and Invisible nodes

New Selection Sets / Quick Set

New Select by Pattern: Works with Vertices, Edges, and Faces

Updated Place: now works with groups and supports instances

Updated Paint: now works with groups and supports instances

Updated Duplicator: supports instances

New Snap – objects and groups to selected components

New Batch Import Maya .ma and .mb files

New Batch Export Maya .ma and .mb files

New Obj Fix: export / re-import as obj to clean up your mesh, maintaining hierarchy position and shader

New Curve Tool – Rebuild Curve by length

New Curve Tool – Set pivot to curve origin

New Curve Tool – Snap curve origin to surface

New Curve Tool – Reverse direction and Equalize curve direction

New Curve Tool – Select point range

New Curve Tool – Convert multiple edges or edge groups to curves

New Curve Tool – Curve Analysis

New Curve Tool – Extruder: Convert curves to geometry, in Maya 2022: Presets for Cable, Rope, Pipe, Box

Updated Interface and icons

Updated Available Keyboard Shortcuts

Enhanced Performance and speed of some functions