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Freaky Weird Polygon Face Problem

Hey guys, I've been working with polygon cylinders lately and have been having a continuous problem. Every time I delete the top or bottom faces of the cylinder, part of the cylinder and its faces become transparent until I rotate my camera to that side. When I render the cylinder, you can only see one side. Check out the pictures below, and if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it, since I am working with a somewhat important model.


user added image

user added image

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Feature -- not bug. (If you put that in a game without doublesided rendering -- it will look exactly like that)

Select your object and open up the attributes editor.

Click on the "Shape" tab for it

Click Render Stats' drop-down button.

Check "Double-sided"

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Hmm, interesting. I guess it makes sense, but why have I never experienced this "problem" before and why does it not occur on all of my cylinders?

Regardless, thanks very much for your help.

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