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# 1 31-07-2007 , 06:45 PM
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Append to Polygon Tool problem

Hi. I've combined two meshes into one using Mesh, Combine and then joined them using the Append to Polygon Tool and merging some vertices. Then I used the Cut tool on another part of the mesh. When I did, the polygons I created using Append to Polygon became transparent. When I delete them and attempt to recreate them using Append to Polygon again, they are created as transparent faces.


# 2 31-07-2007 , 09:17 PM
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Try checking your normals. Your appended polygons may be facing the opposite direction. To make all normals face the same direction, select the object and use the conform command. In Maya 8, this is found under Normals->Conform.

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# 3 01-08-2007 , 01:42 PM
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I just tried it but it didn't help. The faces are transparent from both sides, whereas all my other faces are currently visible from both sides.

# 4 01-08-2007 , 04:50 PM
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try opening the attribute editor with the mesh slected ans under mesh component display turn back face culling off, you should then be able to set the normals to see the shader.

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# 5 02-08-2007 , 02:50 PM
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Backface culling is off and the normals are pointing out. If it was a backface culling issue wouldn't the faces still be visible from one side?

# 6 09-08-2007 , 12:18 AM
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I found out what the problem was. I found the answer in the Border Edges thread where jsprogg pointed out "You will not be able to merge two meshes together unless you have a vertex placed at the same location on both meshes". The help had neglected to mention that and the merge had appeared to work fine, for a while. Thanks.

# 7 09-08-2007 , 01:37 AM
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thats the reason why i've always displayed the border edges.

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