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# 1 03-02-2006 , 12:18 AM
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Rendery weirdness

Would someone please be kind enough to take a look at this:

and tell me what might be causing the flickering black patches and video dirt?

The scene has been fine when I've rendered still images to check lighting etc, but when I do the batch render it gets all messy. I tried rendering it both as a sequence of Targas and as an AVI, and it came out the same both times.


# 2 03-02-2006 , 08:38 AM
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lol nice animation not sure bout the problem,sorryuser added image

# 3 11-02-2006 , 08:37 AM
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I'm not too sure about that problem. Could it be to do with your render settings?

I agree with magicsy. It's a good animation and the little guy made me laugh user added image

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# 4 11-02-2006 , 10:22 AM
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I havenĀ“t ever seen such flickering but it looks like 2 or more geometries on top of each other. have you checked the scene for that?

# 5 11-02-2006 , 02:55 PM
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looks like your texture is fuzzing around, if this is the problem then all you need to do to correct it is to delete the history from the geometry.

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# 6 11-02-2006 , 03:52 PM
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Did you texture before or after rig?

Depth map or raytraced Shads?


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