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# 1 02-06-2011 , 02:13 AM
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Image plane weirdness

Loading a tiff image as an image plane, it shows up just fine at the origin, I want to trace it in the front panel, so I move it back -2 units in Z, which I had been led to believe would make the grid in the front panel visible again (because the image plane is now 2 units behind it), I can see that the image plane has indeed moved back in the side, top, and perspective panels, but the grid in front is still invisible except above below and to the sides of the image, as though the image is still blocking it. What the heck? Thanks for any pointers!

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Have you tried adjusting any properties of the image plane? There are a couple of sliders in the attribute editor for stuff like transparency and such. I seem to remember having this issue once.

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Try +2 not -2 see if that works..............dave

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