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Image Plane In Viewport 2.0? & Smooth Mode Via 3 Key

I'm currently doing the Digital Tutors Guitar tutorial in Maya 2015 and have come across a couple of very frustrating issues.

* Issue 1 *

The first issue is why after setting up my image planes for the guitar, they disappear when using viewport 2.0. Yes I can have them show if using the legacy viewports but im just curious as to why I can't see them in 2.0?

user added image

Top view is legacy viewport and Bottom view is viewport 2.0....notice how the image plane photo is not showing in bottom view (above image)

I've tried all sorts, messing with the settings, googling like mad, everything etc

user added image

* Issue 2 *

Also when viewing the guitar profile in the top view and switching to smooth mode via the 3 key. When I move the vertices to make the curve more accurate to the image reference, there's no lines between the vertices. All I see is the vertices and no curve vector lines in between which would make it much easier (see above image)

user added image

Now if I switch back to normal mode via key 1, the blue lines appear but then I'm not able to adjust the curve to match the photo as well because I'm not in smooth mode (see above image)

user added image

The only way for me to see the blue curve vector lines in smooth mode is to use soft select but its only local to the vertice and they show as red to orange graduation. Its an alternative and id rather work out why I'm getting the issue and not just work around it (see above image)

I have spent literally hours trying to find a solution to these issues and it maybe a simple solution to a proficient Maya user.
Could it be a GFX card issue? Im not sure. Running GTX 680 4gb

Any help would be appreciated

By the way, The tutor in the video is using the same version of Maya yet he can edit the vertices in smooth mode and see the curve edges. I even loaded the project scene file and had same issues unlike the video

This only happens in legacy viewport not viewport 2.0 but as soon as i change to vewport 2.0, the image plane disappears and were back to issue 1!


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