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# 1 01-08-2006 , 11:20 PM
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viewport snapping problem

just have a quick question about
viewport. when every i try moving my camera it snap 's back
to the original location any idea what is happen
i also updated my video card

# 2 02-08-2006 , 01:47 AM
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One or two things you might consder rechecking

1. did you key the camera to specific frame in the time slider?
2. try re-creating a new camera, does same thing happen to all the cameras?
3. hopefully there isn't a sticky that's turned for that camera, which i don't know (havent' checked) if there's one or not for cameras.

pretty much all that i can think of as of now ^^

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# 3 02-08-2006 , 02:09 AM
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sorry it"s not just doing that with the camera .even if i tryed moving around in z space

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