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# 1 16-11-2003 , 09:01 AM
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Viewport refreshing problem

Hi everyone,

I have just got Maya 5.0 PLE and I am having some viewport refreshing problems. When I go from the four view to just 1 view by hitting the spacebar, once the viewport has maximized, it just stays totally gray, no objects, no grid, nothing. I have to create a new object for everything to become visible again. I have snooped around the Performance Settings but can't seem to get the viewports to refresh properly. I have never had this problem with any other version of Maya.

My current system specs:

Intel Celeron 633mHz
GeForce4 MX440 64MB AGP4x
Samsung 60GB ATA66 7200RPM HDD
NEC MultiSync XV17+ Monitor
1024x768, 32bit TrueColor at 85 hertz
Windows XP Pro with SP1

Any help would be great.

Thanks guys/gals

# 2 17-11-2003 , 09:14 AM
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Maya 5 = buggy

Maya 5 PLE = Who knows...

My guess is it has something to do with either the preferences, the program or your video card, or a combination of the three. If the problem persists, go back to a version that didn't give you any problems. Sorry, but that's about the best advice I can give without knowing more about Maya 5.0 PLE or your system.

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# 3 18-11-2003 , 06:46 AM
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Thanks for your suggestions Dave.

I figured out it was my drivers that were the problem. I had the new 52.16 drivers installed. I reverted back to the 45.33 drivers and now Maya works perfectly, the viewports refresh properly now so all is good.

Seeing as how I haven't noticed any significant improvements in performance of games etc with the 52.16 drivers, I may as well just stick to the 45.33 drivers until NVidia releases a new drivers version to see if they work.

Thanks again,

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