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# 1 29-08-2005 , 07:15 PM
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Snapping Problem w/ Logictech Trackball

Having a problem snapping verticies with my Logitech trackball. The middle button (which is the small button above the left button) works fine for panning the viewport.

However, when the move manipulator is visible, and I hold down the V button to snap, it just ignores me. Much like my wife. user added image S o . . .

Any thoughts? I checked the Logitech driver and it shows that button to be registered a the middle mouse button. That gold standard of compatibility, Thief III: Deadly Shadows, shows that button to be registered as the middle button, and when I ALT-click the button, it pans the viewport like to should.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for everyone's help on the Extrude Faces issues. Back on track now.

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you can kick me in the nuts, but donĀ“t you have to use the LMB for this action..?

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LMB Nuts

While nut kicking is an amusing past-time, I'll take a raincheck. As a newbie, your guess is as good as mine. I thought the tutorial only mentioned the middle mouse button.

The Digital Tutors Basics didn't use the snapping feature, and this is only my second tutorial. I don't use the three handed techniques in Max. I just click the snap button.

So LMB huh? I'll give it a shot. Thanks.

As for the nut kicking, will next Thursday at 9:15 work for you? I can squeeze you in between an eye poking and a nasty Indian burn. user added image

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