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# 1 05-06-2009 , 09:53 PM
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Space Marine (personal project)

Hey guys, me and my buddies decided to make a short film using space the modeler/texturer of the bunch.
I supose..havent got a lot of time to work on it right (too many college projects) now but this is about 6 hours of work across 3 days.

If I can ill finish the Abs, arms, hands tomorrow and ill post.

And yes Im going for a game character look (has to be simple and well done), shooting for about 10-12k triangles, its got 2739 atm.

Any tips advices and sugestions are more than welcome.


# 2 07-06-2009 , 03:33 PM
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No advice at this stage looking like a bloody good start though user added image


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# 3 07-06-2009 , 04:43 PM
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Hey that's looking pretty shnazzy so far!!!

I tried doing a small battle between nids and space marines over last summer, but It just didn't work out. If you would like a storyboard, I recieved a professionally made one (colour, beautiful drawings) from a guy who was interested on this WH40K forum. I can refer him to you if you would like a very well made storyboard.

ARe you going to have any other unit types? What army will they be facing? If you need help, just let me know. The Skullcrusher mech is about my skill level right now:

If you need help with modelling a dreadnought or anything, just pop me a PM and I would be glad to help this short film become a reality.

And one last thing - the pipes and pistons in the middle will look something like this, correct?
I've rigged that mid section for my mech so it rotates on the sphere in the middle and the pistons expand etc.

SO yah, if you need any modelling / rigging help, I can help!

Just a personal question but do you play the tabletop game as well?

# 4 07-06-2009 , 10:32 PM
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Hey, Thanks Pandinus user added image

To awnser youre questions:

At this point Its not necessary, Im the only one really doing anything atm but I will keep you posted.[/i]

Well im planing on making 2 marines, an Assault Marine and a Tactical one. Chainsword and Bolter respectively..and I think ill either make them fight a lot of orks or Chaos marines (since the base is the building block for all of them)

Thanks Man, ill definetly keep you posted, but im planning a rather simple model as you can see I wont be adding much in the way of detail in the abs and such..textures will do that for me. Like I said on the first post...I want a clean efficient and good looking model..simple as possible.

Nah I play DoW 2 in the high lvls tho, ive never seen that kind of a fan base here in Brazil..too bad though I would like too lpay the tabletop game.

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# 5 07-06-2009 , 10:40 PM
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Here is another progress.

Small stuff but I got no time so this will have to do for now.

Arms done (they wont be visible for the most part, so they are fine)

Arm Guards are done...simple design

Added the Abs and a back plate to the buttox that starts from the belt, plus the usual tweaking, pulling and pushing of points.

Ill try to get hands and shoulderpads for monday or tuesday.

Then Backpack and Helmet..then onto small details. Will keep you guys up to speed.

I think its looking clean and topology is good, what do you guys think?

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# 6 16-06-2009 , 08:33 PM
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Shoulder pads and hands are done.

Moving to backpack and helmet..then weapons and minor details.

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# 7 16-06-2009 , 10:25 PM
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I think you need to tweak the normals on his hand, or increase the amount of polys. Right now you're getting normal artifacts.

Looks good otherwise. Keep going!

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# 8 17-06-2009 , 12:07 AM
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Im pretty sure it will go away when I put a texture on them.
If it looks too bad Ill just take away all the "armor pieces I integrated into the hands.

# 9 19-06-2009 , 07:29 AM
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Well there it is, pretty much done..not much left to do..hope you guys like it.

7668 tris


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# 10 19-06-2009 , 08:53 AM
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thats a tiny head!

# 11 19-06-2009 , 09:35 AM
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Originally posted by hammer.horror
thats a tiny head!

Maybe its just a big body?

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# 12 19-06-2009 , 02:24 PM
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Originally posted by gster123
Maybe its just a big body?

He speaks the truth, it is in the correct "space marine" proportions.

# 13 09-07-2009 , 02:53 PM
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Ok, moving up to high rez version almost finished.

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# 14 16-07-2009 , 10:20 AM
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I love your work! I really do its just that... well...
Tactical Space marines dont usually come packing Deamonhammers and Teleporters.

But the art is awesome, whats your chapter?

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