Introduction to Maya - Rendering in Arnold
This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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is it possible for you to use the mouse with your wrist or forarm? i was just trying it right now and it seemed to work for me user added image

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What about rigging some kind of touch pad like on a laptop. Then you could just "brush" a finger across the pad, and then rig a footpad for the right, middle and left clicks. I know it sounds weird, but it should be feasible.

Just a thought.
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Download an app which will turn your mouse sensitivity up to about 50x the limit your OS will allow, that way you can learn to move your hand on a subatomic level so as to not agravate it user added image

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I'm on a laptop atm. The mouse pad helps, but i need to work more on it. It takes some getting used to if you want real sensitivity but it's coming along.

gimme everything u got
# 20 09-02-2003 , 03:38 AM
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ooh man sorry to here about this hey user added image hope you can think of some ingeneous way to use a mouse user added image

Thanks for wasting your time reading this line.
# 21 09-02-2003 , 04:35 PM
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Head gear.

Sad to here your going through all that bad stuff. But what you could do is get a wireless pen, tablet. Get your wife to make this for you!! Study the pic below.

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a little joystick for the tongue might be real good - tongue is very accurate and sensitive. might be worth checking with health insurance, if they pay for such a thing. as i cannot imagine there is any piece of hardware that fits your need and is affordable. hope you recover some day, even if doctors tell you it is permanent.

# 23 09-02-2003 , 11:29 PM
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damn!! that shucks what i feel for ya derek,,, will pray for you....
btw, what happened to your wrists???

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Kreed: man thats terrible news... feel damn sorry for ya. hope things sort themselves out for you - they sometimes do user added image

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that would be so cool to have a mouse that fits into the groovs of your teeth.. and on the inner part are three buttons you can click down three buttons with your toung.. so that the left would be by your left back teth.. the middle can be at the front teeth and the right would be at the right back teeth... and then there would be something that goes at the top of the inside of your mouth.. and when you roll your tounge around there.. it moves the pointer on the screen!!!!!!!! omg! if they made one of those, id want one even though my hands and everything are fine!

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