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Model messes up in OBJ exported file.

I am creating a room that has multiple door exits. (As shown in screenshot) And I need to export to .obj to use within unity, now this room is made with a box that has been intruded and then the door frames have been made with separate boxes, where I have selected one door box, and then the room box that I then used Mesh/ boolean/ union to remove the space within; this I did 3 times. Then I exported as an .obj file and re-imported to maya to check the file and it came out like that (Look at screenshot).

The bottom box is the original, un-exported file, and the top one is the exported file that was imported for checking.

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Booleans can create some messy geometry. I'm not sure what the cause of this particular problem is, but my recommendation would be to create a cleaner mesh without any ngons. It shouldn't be too hard to rebuild this shape and stay away from booleans for the time being. That should sort out the export problem.

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I've learned to delete history and often. I've had some mesh explosion issues and after deleting history, it stopped.

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