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Maya scene files and rendered .iff files disappearing from HDD on file load

Hi Everyone,

I'm posting this thread on behalf of a student of mine who was having an issue loading a
scene file [.mb format] into Maya 2008 on the Mac platform [new iMac - OSX v 10.6.4, 8GB RAM].

The scene file was stored in a standard Maya project directory, along with several rendered images saved from Maya 2008 as .iff. All files were on an external Samsung HDD [usb 2.0 connection]. The files were created on the same system and had not been used on any other platform/computer or loaded into other versions of Maya.

Here's the problem - I opened Maya, set the project folder and then opened the scene file from the open scene option in the file menu. Before the file loaded I got an error message saying that an unexpected error had occurred [an error I've had several times on other projects when loading files between different versions of Maya, but with no issues]. This time, the file didn't load and then disappeared from the hard drive it was stored on. Basically it's as though the file has never existed [I've done full file searches across the whole system and it's just not there!]. Strangely though, a few rendered frames also disappeared along with the file [.iff format].

Here's the question - Has anyone ever come across this issue before? I had a student previously report a similar case, but as I didn't see it happen I was a little skeptical [this time however I witnessed it firsthand]. Any information that anyone has to shed some light on this mystery would be much appreciated - even if it's not a solution it would be nice to know I'm not alone!



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I think someone's had this problem before and posted here. Can't seem to find the thread in a search, but I wouldn't really know what to search other than "deleted file"

Have you tried using a recovery tool to get the file back though? (if there's no backup anyways) Or tried it on another system to see if the problem is with the file or the app?

Id recommend Pandora Recovery to get the file back if needed. it hasn't failed me yet.

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Hi Acid44,

Thanks for your response, unfortunately the issue occurred on one of our classroom computers, which our IT department have set up so we can only access basic functions [like switching it on and off again and using some of the installed software] so,unfortunately, getting access to proper diagnostics isn't really an option! Our computer labs are notorious for the strange and bewildering number of glitches, bugs and general crappiness! user added image

I figured I'd pose the question just in case someone had encountered this issue so I can cross it off the list of specific software/hardware issues we have at the school, which we are forced to live with - I've been searching online for references to similar cases and have come up with nothing. All my work colleagues, like-wise, have never come across this occurrence.

My student has resigned himself to restarting his lost work and the class has learnt that most-valuable and age-old lesson - make multiple back-ups of everything on separate storage devices... frequently!

Oh well!

Thanks so much again for the response! [I'll check out Pandora for my home systems!]



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Check temp files for crash scenes, it shouldnt get rid of the file, that is indeed strange! perhaps its hidden?
Generally you should never work off external drives, also might be worth checking out the default maya project directory or something. Safest bet is to get an external hard drive that backs up every night.

Sounds like something to do with the IT setup and external drives ?

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