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# 1 27-10-2003 , 12:45 AM
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Playblast question:

When I am making playblasts of my animations, I am able to do it succesfully the first time but the second (and every other time) it only renders the first 10 or so frames then stops. If I restart Maya I have the same problem - 1st playblast is ok but after that it is a no go...

Could this be because of a lack of ram? I have 512megs. Or is there just a setting I am unaware of.

Thanks in advance for any help-

# 2 27-10-2003 , 01:50 AM
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Check and make sure you have remove temporary files checked and save to file not checked in the playblast menu. This happens to me sometimes. Also try and just select the keyframes that you want to playblast, not the whole time slider. Good luck.

# 3 27-10-2003 , 02:12 AM
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Ice - thanx for helping. unfortunately I did have remove temporary files and save to file checked user added image It must be a Ram problem user added image ugh

# 4 27-10-2003 , 08:20 AM
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maybe remove the temporary files in their folders as well .. i had that problem ... i checked remove files but maya didnĀ“t remove them, so i removed them by hand and it worked ...

# 5 28-10-2003 , 01:10 AM
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Thanx for the help, I will try that next time I am blasting :thumbsup:

# 6 02-11-2003 , 05:45 AM
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This might seem weird, but make sure your keyframe slider is at frame 1 or what ever you use for the first frame (some people use 0). I had that same issue that the first time it worked but the second time it wouldn't, having it on frame 1 before playplasting always worked for me. Also make sure to turn off any background apps like media players (I tend to listent to music when I work.) That might help out in the speed department. I hope this helps in anyway, and if you have a good rigging solution for a holster let me know.

# 7 02-11-2003 , 02:57 PM
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I have those problems all the time! Maybe it's a problem of not using Prof. ogl cards.. I don't know. I'll check the tips given here!

But what I just started doing, is to add a shotcut to the Hardware render buffer on my shelf, and use that instead. Actually I fould it to be both faster and, of course, better looking than playblasting. All you have to do is go in and ajust the name and range whenever you need to, but I found that to be a hastle easily overseen.

user added image Nenox

# 8 03-11-2003 , 04:35 PM
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have you check your settings in your playblast? if the use render global setting is on then it will use the start and end frame of your render globals, and if your render globals is set to default then it will render only ten frames cause 1 to 10 frames is the default of render globals.

beside this, i do not know what is bugging your playblast.

hope this helps

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