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# 1 23-12-2003 , 05:16 AM
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strange maya problem

When ever I try to go from the 4 view port screen to the large single view of either of the 4 ports all the objects in my window dissapear, and they wont reapear till i create a new object in the scene. Anyone know what would cause this?

# 2 23-12-2003 , 05:22 AM
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sounds like a video card issue. Instead of creating a new object, have you tried clicking around to select and deselect an already existing object?

# 3 23-12-2003 , 05:30 AM
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I tried that but unfortunatly still didnt fix anything =(. I also tried reinstalling and i still have the same problem. It all started a few days ago out of the blue.

# 4 24-12-2003 , 06:49 AM
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apparently its a driver issue since i just updated my drivers to the newest NVidia drivers

# 5 24-12-2003 , 07:08 AM
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I had to roll back my driver to 41.09 nvidia. I had a similar problem happening.

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# 6 24-12-2003 , 12:36 PM
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Im on 44.03 to stop that problem.

# 7 24-12-2003 , 02:44 PM
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I had to roll back as well as the latest drivers made maya almost unusable

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# 8 26-12-2003 , 06:11 AM
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I sort of found a temporary solution. I cant explain why it works but it works on my computer.

I replaced the Top view port with the Hypershade port

and for some reason it solves the problem. But I hope Nvidia puts out new drivers soon that work propperly

# 9 28-12-2003 , 06:59 AM
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im having the same problem here.....damnit

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# 10 28-12-2003 , 09:13 AM
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Time to go ATIuser added image

I never had problems with my 9700 pro, not to say it's a better card but not one problem with Maya or video.
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# 11 29-12-2003 , 03:27 AM
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I agree with R-Tillery about ATI, but i also never had any problem with Maya on my MSI GF4 whichever the version of the drivers (original MSI drivers or the latest Detonator). I even managed to boost my GF4 to produce much better antialiasing ,texture quality... in viewports using some tools found on the net. I personaly didn't like it that way because of the performance drop, but those tools have many options and you might find an answer for your problems there. RivaTuner, for instance, has many options for both nVidia and ATI video cards.

# 12 29-12-2003 , 10:57 AM
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I have the same problem will try the rollback thing maybe that will sort it, thanks for the info though

# 13 29-12-2003 , 11:18 AM
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dont mean to chase up any ghosts but now that i think of it, I've been running the latest Nvidia drivers for some time now without any problems, and all of a sudden the problem has popped up,mmmmmmmmmmm wonder if it's not something els.

just wondering

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