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Maya Vector/ Flash

Hi folks, I'm just trying out the maya vector render (maya 5) and i rendered out a spinning cube, and the output was a .SWF file.

This is all fine, the .SWF plays in a browser, but i wanted to know, how do I output flash rendered _objects_?

Say I want to render a sprite for a flash game I am making, and I want to render it out as a vector/flash render, then open it in Flash and edit it, assign things to it, etc.
I tried opening the .swf in flash5 but it only plays as a movie. I can't actually grab the cube and place it, or affect it in anyway.

Is there a way to use maya to render vector/flash objects/items so they can be opened indivudually and edited as objects in a flash program?

thanks for your time


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You need to Import the .swf into Flash, not open. Go to File > Import to Library, select your .swf file, and then it'll show up in your Library so you can do what you want with it.

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