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Problem with Wrap Deformer


I have a spherical character whose face/body is composed of several overlapping subdivision surfaces. The subdivision surfaces are all identical, except for the scale. I figured that the best way to control all of them simultaneously would be by using a wrap deformer. So what I did was I made a copy of the largest subDiv surface and converted that to a polygon. I then smooth bound that to the skeleton, and used it as a wrap influence object on the subdivision surfaces. Here is one of the subDivs and the wrap. This system works perfectly on all the surfaces except one. In this latter surface, two vertices do not seem to follow the wrap deformer appropriately. Here's the vertices,and here is what they look like protruding through the surface above.

I am currently using a blendshape as a stopgap solution, but I fear that this might cause problems later on. Also, it would be nice if I could somehow get those two vertices to behave appropirately by using only the wrap deformer. Does anyone know how I can do this, or of a more elegant solution that the blend shape I am currently using? Any help would be appreciated; I'm at my wit's end. Thanks!

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