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Texturing a room

This is probably a very basic question, howver it has stumped me a bit.

I have a simple room that I want to texture to be used in a game. I'd like to have a single texture for the room to avoid complications in the coding.

I realise that I could apply a texture to each wall of the room.

However, as i say I would like a single texture.

One way I understand would be to planar map each wall and then take a UV snapshot. However, I have a specific texture that I want to use. Is it possible to apply the texture to the UV map and still maintain control over things like tiling and the size of detail on the texture.

Perhaps there is some other way to do it.

Can someone please give me some guidance or point me to a good tutorial on this site.



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I am unexperienced in texturing 3d game objects, however, I think I might have an idea. Composite all the textures into one image, then use your remapping idea, and edit the uv's so only the part covered by the uv's is shown on the objects. I have seen half life textures, they are a group of textures shoved into one image. Different engines use different ways of texturing, like bf1942 uses mipmaps. I haven't really seen any 3d games where maya was used for modelling, as there are few export plugins for games. 3dsmax (curse word!) is to my knowlage usually used for most 3d games.

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