Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
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Getting good in texturing

Hi user added image.

I'm new to this forum. And I'm new to the world of CG. Ok I'm not super new, I started out learning Maya about a year ago. I learned the very basics of all the stuff (modeling, texturing, rigging, animation etc.) to figure out what I would like to get deeper in.
I'm about to do a career change, heading for the CG industry. Not now of course, I know I have a long way to go.
But if I could snap my fingers and choose a job in this industry, it would be texturing. I love it, ok I'm really really bad at it, because I didn't really get deeper into it while learning and trying out all the other areas. But now I'm sure that texturing is the thing I love to do. I can imagine that it's so rewarding getting a model or envirement, and after it leaves your desk, it just looks awesome!

BUT... I have no clue where and how to start and master the art of texturing. I've got a few questions for you guys.

- I don't like modeling, do I have to be a good modeler to become a good texturer and have chances of getting a job? (I'm speaking of getting a job after at least 3 years of learning. I'm in now rush but know where I want to be in about 3-4years).

- I'm getting confused jumping between UVMapping, Texturing and Lightning tutorials. Are there any good tutorials which will lead me from A to Z to get comfortable with it?

- What about online programs? I know there are plenty for animation, not that much for modeling and a few for riggers. Are there any for people who want to become professionals in texturing? I'm a working professional, I have to learn on my evenings and weekends.

F.Y.I. I don't care about getting into the movie or game industry as long as I can do what I enjoy, someday.
Thank you very much for your help.


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First off, I think it's awesome that you have figured out "specifically" what you want to do. I'm currently scanning the industry jobs to see what's out there and unfortunately, I have not really seen any that are for just texturing, although I'm sure that they do exist. Seems like most (not all) places I've looked into want you to be able to texture and model or at minimum, model and uv map.

The tutorials on simply maya are a good place to start. There are several tutorials that cover texturing and most of the tutorials are created by people already working in the industry. Other than that, just google as there are lots of resources available nowadays.

As a texture artist, you're going to want to learn Photoshop really well. Uv mapping can be learned pretty quickly but creating great textures is another story. You'll want to be as efficient and skilled with Photoshop as you can as it's the industry standard.

You'll also probably need to learn how to use zbrush or mudbox which are sculpting programs but critical for getting great looking textures through the use of normal maps. Not sure if it falls into the category of texturing though.

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is it texturing or lighting/lookdev you want to do? Because after a model leaves a texture artists desk it doesn't look awesome. It looks all diffuse and has no shadows. user added image

here is job posting for a texture artist.

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Hey thanks for the quick replies.
What about lightning and rigging. I could also imagine to go either one of those paths. Because I really struggle with modeling and I,m more the technical guy.
What about online programs for lightning/texturing/rigging?

And it looks like lightning artists and riggers are in demand? lightning even more.

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