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Hardware texturing problem...

I'm quite new to texturing and UVs and have been following a tutorial that requires hardware texturing. Every time I try to apply a simple checkered material to my model it just turns white.

I have a simple model fresh out of Topogun, I take it into Maya create some basic UVs with Create UVs> Cylindrical Mapping then I right click it and select Assign New Material and choose Lambert, I then head over to the Attribute Editor select the little box next to Color under Common Material Attributes and select the checkered texture and the model turns white. Nothing changes in the UV editing widow, just remains a dark shade of grey behind my UVs.

I checked to make sure Hardware Texturing is active, I even tried a few things I read like adjusting the texture resolution under Hardware Texturing in the material attribute editor, I'm pretty stumped being new to UV editing and texturing. Any help much appreciated. Thanks

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The texture probably isn't showing in the UV editor because you probably have the projection set to create new uv sets and the new set is not using your texture. Check your cylindrical projection settings and turn that off if your instructor isn't dealing with mulitiple uv sets.

As for your viewport texture display problem, if you haven't already, these steps.

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Thanks a ton. I changed the setting under the cylindrical mapping option and that fixed everything.

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