Introduction to Maya - Rendering in Arnold
This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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Importing/Exporting Skin weights

Well found out that probably the only solution for my problem will be aplaying the blendshapes before skinning him BUT redoing all the weights wont be fun so im trying to export the skin weights then un bind him, the make the blendshapes and apply them and last re bind him importing the original skin weights. BUT after doing all this process, when i put to import the weights it just gives me result 1 in the script editor and doesnt change the weights. well i unwraped the head and exported the weights as a jpeg and i checked the images and they got the weights oin them.. so the problem is the importing process.... anyone plz know why this isnt working!? its supposed to be so simple and its turning in such a big nightmare...
thanks anyway..

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Maya's export skin weights is the worst feature in the package. It exports image files when the data it should be exporting is skin weights. If you don't have fantastic UV's you will not get the weights to save correctly, and even if you do have good UV's they wont save exactly how you painted them.
The solution to this is to use a script that saves the real weights as a text file.
Using the skinCluster and skinPercent commands you can get all the correct weights. Luckily there is a script on that will do this. I belive it is called saveSkinWeights.mel and it saves a text file with all the weights so you can load them back in correctly. It can also save weights on point position so you can change the vertex count. By this I mean a point at position XYZ has weight A, instead of vertex 1 has weight B.

Hope this helps. I took a looked at your earlier post and without seeing the maya file I can't see what your problem is, although I'm going to guess it's to do with your wrap deformer. Personally I never use wraps as they give you too many problem.


Richard Cheek
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