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Camera movement and cloth solver

Couple of quick questions:

How can I edit the motion of a camera using the Graph Editor? Even though I have keyframes saved, the motion information does not seem to show up in the Graph Editor. I know the editor works, because I use it regularly to edit the motions of other objects.

Additionally, I would like the batch renderer to solve for the motion of cloth and dynamics while it renders ... I don't want to have to play through once to create cache files and THEN render. Some of my cloth simulations are rather solver-intensive. Where is this option?

Thanks ahead of time.

- Kevin

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Camera keys should show up in the Editor... make sure you have the correct camera node selected when the editor is open...

I'm not certain, but I think you do have to run the cloth simultion before you render. I don't use cloth all that much though. Perhaps more knowledgable folk have any ideas?

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Haven't used them either, but can't you do a disk cache of the simulation? Just an idea...

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I have tried selecting every node on the camera, and still no curves show up in the graph editor. Could this have something to do with the renderability of the object? Or is it just a checkbox somewhere I missed?

Yes, I do know how to use a disk solver cache ... my issue is that my computer is not very fast, so I do most of my cloth animations at a fairly low base resolution. Once I get the animation right, I pump up the number of polygons in the mesh and render for real. This usually takes a while (hours) and I don't want to have to run the sim and come back to it to start the render. I really would like it to do it all in one process, so I can just start it and leave.

Thanks for the suggestions, though.

- Kevin

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