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Cloth problem

Ok, so I´m back with another problem user added image

I´m having some problems with Maya Cloth, and it may be a pretty simple one to solve, I don´t know.

But the thing is, I have a shirt and shorts on my character, and after say 7 frames of simulation, they have the shape of the real-world cloth I´m trying to replicate (fairly loose-fitting).

My problem is, I´d like to "save" that shape, and have it change only as the (animated) character moves, but it keeps being affected by gravity (or something), making the shirt ever longer and the shorts deform strangely. I don´t have internet access on my Maya computer right now, so screenshots will be difficult but if someone needs them to answer, I guess I can find some way to transfer them to this one.

Anyway, in short what I need to know is : is there a way to make the shirt transform for say 7 frames, then lock it so that it only changes with the movement of the character?

Thanks in advance!

ps/I got the cloth tutorials on the site, which are great, but none of them address this problem specifically user added image.

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