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# 1 17-12-2004 , 12:37 PM
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rock wall?

I am modelling a building made of granite rocks/boulders for a school project.
The wall should look something like in the attached image.

Is the desired effect achievable using bump maps on a surface or should I model the rocks indivually.

greetz 4ng3l

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# 2 17-12-2004 , 02:06 PM
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model couple of stones then just duplicate it, if your cam focus is just on that wall and its very close so the details are important to achieve the realism!

Sorry 4 English good luck!

# 3 05-01-2005 , 04:33 AM
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desired effect

hey dear yu can achieve tht desired stone in maya by using bump utilities , frm tht image yu cut an sample of tht stone & yu put it
on yur model & then apply bump to it & sme l directional light to it

# 4 06-01-2005 , 10:08 PM
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Here's an example of a brick wall similar to what your describing. (This isn'tmine through)....

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